by Richard Saunders

The Life and Times of Lawrence Howard


SecretAgentMan takes place on an Earthlike planet within a parallel universe. Any similarities to actual persons, places, planets or events is either purely coincidental or due to the inherent nature of parallel universes.


   Journey is a short story that leads to the introduction of SecretAgentMan.

SecretAgentMan™ (aka S-A-M) is an epic work of historical fiction,
set primarily in New England from 1955 to the present day.

A fictional biography and a serial novel in progress, it is also nothing less than the culmination of Richard Saunders life's work and passionate hobby. It details the "Life and Times of Lawrence Howard". Each chapter in the novel details one year in Mr. Howard's life, intermingled with the most significant local, national and international events from that particular year.

Mr. Howard is the re-incarnation of Albert Einstein and the novel is a vision of what someone with Einstein's intellect and personality would do in today's world. To up the ante and make it even more interesting, the author has added a supernatural element to the story.

In addition to all of this, Saunders has created a twist where he has impersonated his protagonist in many real-life situations over the years, even further confusing the line between where the fiction ends and the historical facts begin.

Readers will delight in discussing this aspect online and in book groups, attempting to sort out fact from fiction. Internet sleuths will be able to confirm much of the factual content that has been fictionalized.

And if this isn't enough, diehard fans have one more thing to investigate. Hidden somewhere in the pages of Volume I is a Vigenere Cipher that gives up the GPS location of a geocache buried in Southern New Hampshire on public land.

This hidden treasure
contains many items related to this novel, including evidence of Saunder's "Great Impostor" escapades; not the least of which is a recording that he accidentally made of his April, 1998 meeting with author "Dan Brown".

Sometime after publication of this novel, AnEx Publications will announce a prize that will be awarded to anyone who solves the Cipher and locates Saunders' geocache treasures.

Each container in the geocache will have a serial number attached to it and / or stamped into it on the top, bottom and sides. The GPS location and the serial numbers will be submitted to AnEx Publications as proof that the treasure was found. To claim the prize, all of the geocache containers must be surrendered intact and unopened.


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