by Richard Saunders


I am forever grateful to my supporters who pre-ordered this book at Inkshares before it was published. Without all of you, I would never have met the crowdfunding level that was required. You helped prove that this novel was capable of building a market that was large enough to justify winning a publishing contract.

Gold Level

James McNamara, Brian Zola, Ed Sabbagh, Dane Morruzzi, Gary Trenholm, Clyde Daly, James Doherty, William Smith, Cheryl White, Eric Sit, and Geoffrey Bernstein.

Silver Level

Stephen Hewett, Heather Rastello, John M Kelley, Jim Keenan, Dolores M Hewett, Helen Morris, Trung Nguyen, Gwen Owen, Kevin B Roche, Kevin Murphy, Frederick S Powers, Joshua M Weiss, Russell Haloon, Peter A. Hewett, Jr, Steven M Flynn, Nicholas Bouzianis, Brian J Smith, Kerrie Ganley, Richard Manganaro,  Donna Mitchell, Tyrone E Rachel, Ann Lozier, Russell J Tomassian, Teresa S Klingenstein, Fred Goforth, Greg Flamand, Greg Pacheco, Chris Sylvester, Rick Alluzio, Adam Rooney, Tony Graceffa, Tom O'Neill, Steve Bransfield, Elizabeth A Moruzzi, Velvet Hewett, Nathaniel Crosby, Amanda Lankford, Joshua Taube, Reader Writer, Brett Brusky, and Esben Ringgaard.

Bronze Level

Sarah Hewett, John A Trefry Jr, Kristopher Chin, Qui v Lai, Richard L.Parker, Steven Elizardo, Edward Moy, Pedro Barbosa, Jack Quan, Arthur R LeBlanc, Peter Heywood, Marie Croteau, Sharon Rastello, Lisa Ferrin, John W Graveson, Michael Gillenwater, Bonnie S Tomassian, Vincent Diong, Michael Reale, Larry Haines, Rick Alluzio, Jay Alexander, Artie Begin, Tom Gaines, Tom DeSimone, Andrew N. Jones

Pre-Publication orders after Crowdfunding Level was achieved

Nathan Jobst
Michael Drew
Bradford D Kaiser
Colin McGoodwin
Stephen Hewett
Louis Hallee
Elan Samuel
Matt Callison
Daniel Calvert
Brady Farmer
Nathan Jobst (re-order second copy)
Stone Reader Writer

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